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Sunday, November 01, 2015

The DIY USB Sound Module

I got this and it solved my audio problem in Linux computer. I had the classic "Dummy Output" Problem with the Onboard Audio section not being detected.

I ran all the alsa and pulseaudio rituals. I got some luck, after updates audio was gone again. This device solves the problem. I suggest all linux users who have the "Dummy Audio Syndrome" to just use this device called USB Sound Card or USB Sound Adapter.

In the 386 days, it was a "SoundBlaster Card" for Music and Mic. Monitors had the "Trident SVGA card" both  PC-Cards not integrated on Motherboard to get Audio and Video going. Now all things are onboard. In the future all things on one Silicon Chip or maybe One Graphene Slice. It will be called "The Tortilla"

Make your own DIY USB Sound Card

Make your own DIY USB Sound Card

Miroslav BatÄ›k from Prague in Czech Republic has made many neat diy projects and posted them with full details in his blog Diy4Fun

Make a Sound Card with PCM2704 an IC from Texas Instruments.

This device is fully functional sound card for PC. The main advantage of using PCM2704 against PCM2702 is much easier construction. As you can see on the block diagram it has built-in 5V and 3.3 voltage regulator, HID interface (MUTE, VOL+, VOL-), S/PDIF output.

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