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Thursday, October 05, 2017

RobotProg - Learn Bot Programming

Program a virtual robot with a flowchart : first you draw the flowchart, then you run the program and watch the robot executing your program. You do not have to own a Robot to start with.

RobotProg - Learn Bot Programming

With RobotProg you can learn programming bases by means of gradual levels. At the last level, you may program several robots playing games on the same ground.

RobotProg - Learn Bot Programming

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Draw and analyze electrical circuits functioning in direct or alternating current. Get literal formulas and values for current intensities and voltages defined in the circuit. Verify circuit related equations.

"Not all bots like to be told what to do, Then these are Instructed Bots. Some Bots later Evolve or Mutate into Fuzzy Bots. Then they will take their own Decisions." - delabs