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Circuit Diagrams Archives Reference
  1. FC's Electronic Circuits - Forrest Cook.
  2. ePanorama - Tomi Engdahl, Projects.
  3. Discover Circuits - David's collection, Links.
  4. - Service Manual. Repair.
  5. Strippenstrolch - Electrical and Electronics.
  6. 4QD-TEC - Many Discrete Semiconductor Designs. Generic Circuit Blocks, Circuits Concepts.
  7. Circuit Exchange International - Circuits to learn. design and build Gadgets, Simulate Circuits.

Educational Circuits and Design Resources
  1. Electronics Club - Construction of Projects, Soldering Guide, by John Hewes.  
  2. Electronics 2000 - Calculators, resources, links, information, basics, learning.
  3. RepairFAQ-Sam - Repair and service tips, how-to and schematics, home electronics.
  4. Electronics Tutorials - Ian Purdie VK2TIP. Basic Electronics Theory and Practical Projects.
  5. Projects of Ronald - Simple Oscilloscope, Nixie Tube Projects, Clocks, Valve Tube circuit
  6. Schematics of delabs - delabs Industrial and instrumentation Schematics with Design notes.
  7. Freebyte Electronics - Listing of Free Electronics Circuits and project resources in the web.
  8. Play Hookey – Interactive Examples, Electronics Edutainment.
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