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Monday, July 02, 2018

See a 3D View of your Eagle Cad Layout

With Eagle3D it is possible to generate a 3D View from your Board Layout. This will help you iron out mechanical clashes, thermal conflicts. Serviceability and Accessibility issues too.

See a 3D View of your Eagle Cad Layout wayback

On Panel PCB's Like front/back panels. Usability errors may become visible in this simulation. Connector and wiring layout can be better judged on 3D and strain relief and cable management can be planned in power electronics designs.

See a 3D View of your Eagle Cad Layout

In sensitive analog circuits; thermal, leakage or guard rings can be inspected. In RF circuits; the shielding, tracks and components can be studied for unwanted coupling, crosstalk or leakage. Finally safety factors also can be judged keeping the enclosure 3d or cabinet in hand.

Now we have low cost 3D CNC prototype makers. Rapid prototyping - additive or laser erosion. You can probably use this as a input for such a machine. Then you can fix it in a cabinet and complete the Mechanical Simulation. This will save wastage of parts, time and pcb's during prototyping.

A 3D Simulated View from Guido Fischer. More information about this board in German at

Arthernet - AVR Ethernet Modul

The heart of the module is the well-known ATmega128 microcontroller from Atmel®, which in addition to the Realtek RTL8019 Ethernet controller also has a USB and optionally an RS232 or CAN interface, enabling universal use of the module.

On the relatively small board with only 100mm x 80mm edge length, not least for reasons of space, a CPLD from Xilinx® is used. It contains the address decoder necessary for addressing up to 512KB Ram plus bank registers and is also responsible for the chip select control of the memory mapped and SPI devices.