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Thursday, September 09, 2010

RobotShop Distributon - Automate your Existence

Specialized in personal and professional robot technology and offer a wide range of robotic products.

RobotShop Distribution - Automate your Existence

Supplier of Real robots, robot toys, robot kits and robot parts for building your own robots. Also robots that help out in House/Office Maintenance.

GEARS-IDS Extensive Invention and Design System

GEARS-IDS Extensive Invention and Design System
  • Build and control your own custom robots
  • Heavy duty parts made of steel and aluminium
  • No programming or soldering required
  • Standard hole spacing and modular design
The GEARS-IDS Invention and Design System gives teachers all the necessary tools to help students create world class engineering and robotics challenges in the comfort and convenience of their own classrooms in one complete package. From Trebuchets to Autonomous Robots,
Education Concepts:
  • Apply math and physics concepts to solve challenging problems
  • Exposure to engineering, mechanisms and machines.
  • Fundamentals of mechanics, electronics and pneumatics