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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dial based Analog Multimeter

In those days small firms used to make DPM's digital panel meters with 7107. In 1987 when i got a opportunity to design a DPM for a firm, I put the 555 clock in place CD4009 clock shown in intersil, to derive the -5. I created this design to study Eagle Editor. It is not tested by me, but all concepts/modules have been used by me in my designs earlier. It ought to work with some tweaks.

Analog Dial AVO Amps-Volts-Ohms meter

Analog Dial AVO Amps-Volts-Ohms meter

 This was designed, keeping in mind, that sometimes we have few components available and we could be flat broke. Even that you could not carry your DMM somewhere, but you have to make some instrument for a quick need with what is available. If you are out of cash or feel like Robinson Crusoe, then this is a low cost measurement system.

ESI Electro Scientific Inc. 250 DA Impedance Bridge

How they used to measure with Precision before the advent of new technologies..... See the Instrument above. If you can afford it, buy it as a Lab God. Something you can worship before every new project. Its Presence itself will make you bow a few times before this "Stupendous Excellence". What Dignity and Bearing at this age, they don't make this kinda things no more.

ESI Electro Scientific Inc. 250 DA Impedance Bridge

Friday, September 25, 2009

Easy to Build Lux Meter - ELM

If you are building LED Lamps and Solar powered lighting, a LUX Meter and a Energy Meter is required to measure what has been achieved. One is the Efficiency of Power Conversion and Other is Illumination comparable to the lighting people are used to.

ELM - Lux Meter

It would be better like a Mains Supply wiring, 230/110 all houses have a 24V DC Bus for LED and Solar and small appliances on power failure. There is no point stepping down and then stepping up the power. The combined efficiency may become like 60%.

ELM - Lux Meter

"The Lux Meter is usually used to measure illumination. The illumination is how level of luminous flux is falling on a surface area."

Extra Extra !