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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hobby Engineering - Supply Store

Hobby Engineering - Supply Store Hobby Engineering

A supply store for people who want to build robots, electronic gadgets, kinetic art or anything else that moves, beeps or flashes.

Ethernet I/O Module

The new EtherIO24 gives you the capability to distribute digital control equipment anywhere you can reach with an Ethernet cable or wireless network. Since the EtherIO24 uses industry standard connections and protocols you can use almost any PC, workstation or network host as a controller for robotic or industrial automation applications. The EtherIO24 is supported by a family of peripheral I/O boards that make connections a snap.

Futurlec Components and Semiconductors

Large stockist and supplier of electronic components throughout the world. The Electronic Components and Semiconductor Superstore.

Integrated Circuits, LED's / LCD's, Connectors, Microcontroller Boards, Hardware, Project Boxes, Stepper Motors.

Futurlec Semiconductor Superstore

"Orders from hobbyists and single part orders are most welcome. We do not have any minimum order charge and we welcome all customers from anywhere in the world."

Futurlec Semiconductor Superstore

Mini Boards - Futurlec

These small compact boards are ideal to enhance your control system or development project. Add new functions and expand the functionality of your system, with a wide range to boards to choose from, including MP3, Real-Time Clocks, Keypads, RS232, RS422, Flash Memories, SD Cards and many more.

1133 Broadway, Suite 706, New York, NY 10010 USA

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Logic Analyzer - Frequency Counter

Logic Analyzer - Frequency Counter

FPGA based 16 channel 200MHz / 32 channel 100MHz logic analyzer Logic Analyzer

The project includes the actual analyzer in VHDL (for Spartan 3 FPGA) and a PC Software for the end user. The design employs a FPGA board that can be obtained easily.


  • 16 channels at 200MHz sampling rate
  • 32 channels up to 100MHz sampling rate
  • state analysis up to 50MHz using external clock
  • connects via EIA232/RS232 (works with usb to serial adapters)
  • More....

Frequency Counter Frequency Counter

100Mhz frequency counter and timer - Hardware, AVR, ATmega, ASM, Electronics, HF

In counter mode it provides 1Hz resolution up to 100Mhz. In timer mode maximum resolution is 0.0000001 Hz up to 1Hz. Resolution is reduced by one digit for each additional decade. Multiple frequency updates per second by employing a sliding window for calculation.