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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Temperature Sensor Project - Quozl

Temperature Sensor Project - Quozl


prototype from kitsrus

  • provides real-time data to your computer via serial port,
  • interfaces up to four DS1820 temperature sensors,
  • absolute accuracy near 0.5 degrees celcius (as per DS1820 specifications),
  • relative accuracy near 0.01 degrees celcius,
  • speaks in Centigrade or Fahrenheit (selectable by header pins),
  • powered by your computer's serial port, no extra supply to organise,
  • data format easily processed, no special programs required,
  • minimal parts count reduces cost,
  • built-in serial number for circuit identification,
  • special versions available for exotic requirements; high speed, low speed, additional sensors, long distance or pedantic serial bus.
  • spare inputs can be used as single-bit digital inputs, (feature removed from final version but can be re-inserted),

Quozl's Temperature Sensor Project

Quozl's Open Source

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