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Sunday, April 03, 2016

Alan Yates Laboratory – vk2zay

"I was born in the late 1970s, mid-year in the local hospital of a coastal part of Australia? Yet another instance of humanity, one of the 6.6 billion or so of us (4.2 billion back then). Doomed like all of us to live out their days on this rock with some clinging gases orbiting a minor star in a relatively quiet part of the local cosmic clump of matter." - Alan Yates

Alan Yates Laboratory - vk2zay

Alan Yates Laboratory – vk2zay

Reflection-pair optical tachometer - The circuit is simplicity itself. There is a red LED to illuminate the target and a photo diode in photo-conductive mode to pick up the reflected light.

One Transistor Voice Transceiver - Building a toy VHF phone transceiver for 3 metres using only one transistor for both TX and RX!

MK484 MW Receiver - A fairly small MK484 based receiver for the AM broadcast band.

40 Metre Spectrum Analyzer - My go at making a JF1OZL-style spectrum analyser for 40 metres.

Nano-Henry Inductance Meter - My implementation of Drew Diamond VK3XU's "Nano-L", plus how I constructed and trimmed my calibration inductances.

Engineering Calculators - Useful online calculators for the Hobby Enthusiast. Ham Radio People and also students and Engineers,