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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Dual Digital Dice Cubes

Digital Die Cube Toy, Click the Dice Cube, Wait, It will Display a Random Result, A random generation for rolling and one for showing value. Electronics Dice gadgets we can build listed below.

Screenshot of widget - Live Dual Digital Dice

Digital Dice Cubes

Digital Dice Cubes xml code

The xml file is for Google Sites and use only the iframe part for any webpage or blog.

Projects that help you make Real Electronic Dice

Dice Project

The 555 astable circuit provides clock pulses at about 5kHz for the 4017 counter which has ten outputs (Q0 to Q9). Each output becomes high in turn as the clock pulses are received.

Electronic Die Built using a PIC16F84
When the die first starts after power is applied it initialise the device and then goes to sleep until the SW1 'roll' button is pressed. While the button is pressed the display is blank. On releasing the button the LEDs 'spin' for about 5 seconds....