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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

ECBOT - open platform for mobile robotics

The SBC ECBOT is composed of a 200MHz ARM9 processor (Atmel AT91RM9200) and Spartan3 FPGA family from Xilinx, supports the implementation of the Linux operating system.

ECBOT - open platform  for mobile robotics

ECBOTIt has 32 MBytes of RAM, 2 MB Flash memory and supports serial micro SD memory usage of any size provides 8 analog inputs, 10 digital, serial port and a USB host.

Sensors and Actuators - ECBOT has an I2C bus manager to interface with the analog world (as the central processor AT91RM9200 from Atmel does not have A / D), six 8-bit microcontrollers (Atmel AVR) enable the operation of the sensors and actuators through this bus.

Encaja Linux Portal - Embedded System Design

Mission - "Spread the use of open tools in the design and manufacture of embedded systems based on GNU / Linux. Provide reference designs that can be used in training at different levels or as a starting point for development of marketable products...."