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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

What a Hat can do – RobotGrrl.com

"I was goofing around the other day thinking of ways that I could use NFC with RoboBrrd. I got a few NFC tags and was also getting a robot achievement badge (thanks Adafruit!), so there had to be some way to connect these things.." - What a Hat can do

RoboBrrd from RobotGrrl.com!

What a Hat can do - RobotGrrl.com

This is an Interesting Life Form. The RoboBrrd reminds me of Ancient DictaBird from The Flintstones (1994) Movie.


I would prefer one that that may be useful on the Desktop like the DictaBird. That reminds me of another Bird called 'SMS' in Asterix and the Vikings. So an Interactive desktop communication helper in the form of a Extra-Smart bird. Like Daisy perhaps. Something Fuzzzy or with AI like

The Billy Project - DAISY

Daisy's primary purpose is to be able to converse with humans.

"What separates Daisy from Billy (and most other chatbots) is that Daisy has no pre-programmed (or hard coded) language of any kind. She starts with no knowledge of anything, but then is able to gain knowledge as she observes what humans say. From this, she is able to remember patterns of words, and the probability of these patterns occurring. Using this data, Daisy is able to actually generate her own.."

See above is another green bird, it could have been inspired by the DictaBird. He is Peedy the Green Talking Parrot, he also happens to be an MS Agent.