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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dallas Personal Robotics Group - DPRG

Articles, Photo Gallery, Projects, RoboLinks, Tutorials, Here you can share and exchange solutions and ideas about the exquisite art of Robot Design and Building.

Dallas Personal Robotics Group - DPRG

DPRG members have created some tips and howto for the common issues faced by robot builders.
DPRG Projects

After 7 years in the Garland warehouse, the DPRG is searching for a new home. The new plan is to try the hackerspace model, combining grants, donations, and membership fees to fund a fully equipped community workshop.

Ron of DPRG is using the "Rarey Technique" for Taming a Wild Robot that went Berserk. ;-)

Ron of DPRG is using the Rarey Technique

Establishing a Dallas Maker Space
Every robot needs sensors of some type to interact with the world around it. Infrared LEDs and Infrared photo detectors are one way to detect objects, but they are easily foiled by surrounding ambient light.

IR Proximity Detector by Jeff Koenig, August 1998

"Proximity sensors are commonly used on mobile robots for obstacle avoidance. This article presents a simple PIC-based, modulated infrared proximity sensor with dual angled transmitters and single receiver."