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Sunday, October 09, 2011

Tale of Three LED Lamps

Two lamps (china make)  had gone bad due to overvoltage or transients. I created a Third Lamp out of them that was a Rechargeable Table Lamp. Rechargeable Table Lamp This was made many years back. Now people are making more Robust lamps.

A Dockable and rechargeable Torch. Table lamp when Docked. All Green, Only LED, no carbons footprint like thing.

From Hobby Hound - DIY Electronics

This is as Green as you can get. It Recycled two lamps, one a Florescent Desk Lamp, the other an Emergency Lamp. Both failed in a few weeks after commissioning in our residential infrastructure (read 'used at home'). It is green again as it is LED and rechargeable.

A new circuit design with mosfet. A Dockable cup with quick detach connector made of Sawn off Mouth-Wash Bottle. Finger cuts took weeks to heal. A Metal Plate that was part of a instrumentation chassis (my excess inventory). This plate belonged to an electroplating unit i designed. Many SSR (Solid State Relay) Polycarbonate Stickers on plate for lamination.

The Lamp became Head Heavy and kept falling. Then it was affixed with a Nut-n-Bolt to the sturdy 316 grade Steel Plate.

Moral - When we are praised or get some money, head becomes heavy. Then we stroll in a Intoxicated way, till we fall with a Thud.

Elektrick the Power Jedi

Elektrick the Power Jedi

The main problem is, sometimes the voltages may climb more than 50% of rated voltages. The thumb rule is, if Mains supply is rated at 100V AC then the Appliance must withstand jolts upto 200 V AC for upto 10 Seconds. Else use a tripping device in the Home or Office Switchboard.

Home or Office should have OverVoltage Relay, OverLoad (OverCurrent) Fuse, Earth Leakage Tripper, Under-Voltage shutoff or Boost. Lastly Transformer Isolation and Excellent Earth and Lightning Return Systems.