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Friday, November 27, 2009

Pic Projects from Mondo Technology

Pic Projects from Mondo Technology

These are many projects you can try out with Microchip PIC. Code and schematics are there. You can build it then start tweaking or altering the code and later modify circuit. This is another way of learning. You must be sound in building analog and logic circuits first.

This is the order of learning ..

  • Learn to use Batteries, LEDs, Wires, Switches, Soldering Iron and Resistors.
  • Build some projects with NPN and PNP transistors with capacitors.
  • Try some Toy Transmitters and Receivers using RF devices and Inductors.
  • Fix some power supplies like Transformers, Diodes, Regulators.
  • Configure small Analog Amplifiers and also Audio Amplifiers, 555 Timer.
  • Test out some LOGIC circuits with the 40xx Chips like 4093, 4028.
  • Start with some small PIC project or 80C51 Microcontroller.
  • Make a SOC with DSP and build a Robot Brain controlled Online.
  • Get a Patent quick !

Sine Triangle Square Saw Burst Sweep Noise on a PIC16F870

Sine Triangle Square Saw Burst Sweep Noise on a PIC16F870

Hobby Projects - Insulation tester, LED Circuits, Meters.

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Practical Electronics
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