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Friday, November 14, 2008

8052.com - The Online 8052 Resource

A web site that is dedicated exclusively to the 8052 mirocontroller, related products (both hardware and software), and 8052 derivative chips. This includes the traditional 8052, 8051, 8032, and 8031 along with more modern derivatives such as the Atmel AT89S8252, and many derivatives by Silicon Laboratories, Philips, and many others.

8052.com - The Online 8052 Resource

The 8052.com SBC is a single-board computer designed to be both useful and instructive in illustrating certain concepts commonly encountered in 8052-based development. Designed to compliment The 8051/8052 Microcontroller Book that was authored by Craig Steiner, the webmaster of 8052.com.

The Online 8052 Resource'

Introduction to the 8052.com SBC

This SBC will work with the new Atmel AT89S8253 that has been announced to replace the AT89S8252. Its feature-set is such that the user may use the SBC simply to learn and master the 8052 microcontroller but may also subsequently use it as a base for his or her own projects and designs